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Commitment to after-sales service and training

1、The company has a full-time after-sales service department, dedicated telephone: 0571-63479768, in Tianjin, Chongqing, Xi''an, Changchun, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Jinan, Urumqi, Guangzhou with sales and service offices, the company has 13 full-time service personnel, can provide good after-sales service guarantee for domestic and foreign users in time.

2、Equipment warranty:

1)、The quality guarantee period for the goods of acceptance of goods to 12 months or 18 months. Free warranty within the warranty period (except for vulnerable parts). During the warranty period, the seller dispatches after-sales service personnel to the site to repair and replace the equipment or parts with defective quality, and all the expenses incurred shall be borne by the seller.

2)、Outside the warranty period, the supplier provides the lifelong service of the equipment and only collects the normal travel expenses and the cost of parts outside the warranty period.

3、Field service:

1)、The supplier shall provide free installation technical guidance and inspection, debugging and driving, operation and maintenance training to the demander as required.

2)、The supplier assigns qualified, competent, healthy and skilled service engineers to carry all necessary specialized tools, testing tools, safety and labor insurance supplies to the venue designated by the buyer for on-site service.

3)、The service engineer assigned by the supplier shall be responsible for rectifying the equipment provided by the supplier according to the contract requirements.

4)、The buyer shall inform the supplier 7 days in advance to arrange on-site service personnel, and the supplier shall dispatch personnel on time and notify the buyer 3 days in advance.

5)、The technical personnel of the supplier shall comply with the regulations of the installation site to ensure personal safety of himself and others.

6)、The supplier shall ensure that the service engineer assigned must submit daily work and report to the buyer during the service period, the buyer has the right to check their work and report and put forward rectification opinions.

7)、The service engineer assigned by the supplier does not comply with laws and regulations and relevant management regulations of the buyer during the service period, or is not competent for his service work, and the supplier has the right to dismiss him and ask the buyer to replace his service engineer.

8)、The equipment debugging after passing the mutual acceptance and sign the acceptance certificate, as the equipment acceptance credence.

9)、The supplier shall carry out necessary technical training to the operator of the buyer after passing the debugging,The training content mainly includes the principle, structure, fault judgment and diagnosis, frequent maintenance, fault treatment, etc.

After training, operators must meet the following requirements:

* After training the operator can operate the equipment expertly;

* After training ,the maintenance personnel can master the daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment;

4、The supplier provide technical support and maintenance service to the buyer at any time during the lifetime use of the equipment.


1)、The supplier regularly visits the user ,at least two times a year.

2)、Check the equipment operation status during the return visit, To the user in use to provide rationalization proposals, Remind the user to replace the vulnerable parts in time.

6、Service response:

* Receive a telex or telephone call from the user, both the warranty period and out of warranty period, We reply within 1 to 3 hours, The equipment can be repaired on site within 24-48 hours(imported equipment will be negotiated separately). The failure phenomenon, maintenance method, repair quotation and maintenance cycle shall be notified to the end user in writing.

7、Other services:

1)、Set up computer user profile to assist users in equipment management;

2)、Remind the user to replace the vulnerable parts in time, Check the equipment and remind the matters in use;

3)、Conduct product usage tracking service survey on a regular basis;

4)、Keep service records well, be well documented And can be read at any time;

5)、According to the accessories ordered by the buyer, the seller promises to deliver the goods at a favorable price and convenient way.

6)、Regular accessories companies have adequate stock to ensure adequate supply.

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